My son, future dancer

4 thoughts on “My son, future dancer”

  1. Awesome. Babies are so tiny and helpless, that we sometimes need to anthropomorphize them to really bond. They do become real little people eventually… I love painting with my boys. They are truly gifted at fingerpaints, and the crayon scribble murals on my walls are…. uh, in need of a magic eraser.
    When I was pregnant, my babies loved music with a heavy drum beat. I have not listened to so much Rush since that year in High School when “Closer to the Heart” was all over the radio

  2. I know! They're really kind of personality-less at the beginning… black boxes. My son is adorable but he doesn't feel like a person yet. He's smiling, but I can't be sure he's smiling at me, even when he smiles in my direction. But I'm waiting with bated breath for things to get more interesting.

    Rush! Rush for babies! Brilliant. I had this dream of playing Queen while giving birth… didn't happen, alas.

  3. I was dancing flamenco when I got pregnant and still performing till to the fifth month. My tiny little belly was not noticed.Thzen I stoped dancing but not because of my pregnancy rather because the group broke up. As soon as I rested my baby inside startet to dance flamenco so I had to move again. Later when my baby girl was sitting in her little chair, she used to move her hands like playing palillos (castagnettes). When she was able to walk she loved to dance all the time, with music and without. With her slim long features, body and e.g. hands she did not become a dancer, rather studied biology but she still loves to dance. She would have liked to dance in musicals but there has been no way.

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