Reader, I birthed him

2 thoughts on “Reader, I birthed him”

  1. Wow! I am in awe. I was induced 15 hours before the boys were born. i had an epidural, but yeah, wish i hadn't needed one. my docters were also pretty supportive, and after 2 hours of pushing, baby b was in distress. forceps on A, vacuum on B. 2 healthy boys.
    births rarely go as planned, but you made the decision that was hardest on you and easiest on him- i think that makes you an awesome mom!!

  2. Oh, it's hard to feel like an awesome mom (I mentioned the detachment), but I don't feel guilty about the epidural. It looked hideous on the videos to be attached to all these wires and catheters, but in my case, it was a godsend. In fact, since all of Sunday (ok, this really is TMI) sitting down and peeing was excruciating — easily the worst pain that day, and experienced frequently because of all the water and broth I was drinking — even having that particular catheter in was a delight.

    But man is it ever true that they don't go as planned! Not only is that the case, but they often don't even go the way you've heard other births go… this just didn't fit any pattern I'd heard or read about.

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