I occasionally receive a free copy of a DVD, CD, book, or online program from a producer. When I review such a product I will, to the best of my ability, make sure to note it as such in the post. If I write about it a second time, I won’t mention it — I’ll assume you can click back and read the earlier review. Also, I write “to the best of my ability” because I have bought significant numbers of DVDs and music on my own, and if it’s a few years back I might not remember if I paid for it or not. Freebies do not affect my rating, though I generally try to give everything, bought or free, a fair shake. I have corresponded with producers and with dancers, and even taken the odd workshop with some of them, but I have not been paid for any of the writing or opinions in this blog.

Shopping the store or clicking on product links takes you to Amazon, and if you later buy something I will get a small percentage. 

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