Reflecting on Nadira Jamal’s How to Build a Sustainable Practice Habit

5 thoughts on “Reflecting on Nadira Jamal’s How to Build a Sustainable Practice Habit”

    1. Really, Heather? Tell me more! You’re at a totally different level than I am, so I’d love to hear what resonates for you.

      1. Oh my! It’s funny how the universe has brought me back to this post. I was just embarking on a move from TX to WA when you commented here in 2015. . I’m just now seeing it (3.5 years later).
        How were we in the same boat? In short, I’m (or I used to be, and still falter at times) a lazy dance practicer. Feast or famine. Deadline looming? Practice hard for a few days. No deadline? Eh….I can do it “tomorrow”. Sadly, this made me feel like I was never really totally ready for any performance. I couldn’t enjoy it the way I wanted to because I’d stressed myself out so much in the couple of days before with crazy practice.

        Not so any more. The morning thing really does work best. But I can also squeeze in (and plan) practice at other times too. The accountability factor was key at first. But now, I find myself being accountable to my own Habit. I like checking in with myself and seeing that….yep…I DID it! And I’m much better prepared for performances or class now because I’m more consistent with practice. I’m prepared and it feels great!

        Showing up really is the hardest part. Or it used to be.

        P.S. I had forgotten that you are a Sustainable Practice Habit alum. Watch your email for a special alum offer for the next group offering of the program. We start Jan. 14, 2019.

  1. In a way, I am struggling with the same things. Dance means a hell lot in my life, it actually shapes my life, but family and duties come first. They should – no problem with that, but it is very true that you NEED to MAKE SPACE for the things you want – for me, the dance.
    A while ago I read in your blog about practicing in the morning, although I’m anything but a morning person.
    But it’s true, the willpower IS there in the morning, and waiting until the afternoon or evening will almost always find me too tired to do practice or choreo work. And losing precious life time.

    So at least I started a morning workout to keep my health and fitness in a good shape. For now. I think I should extend it to a real dance training. Crunches are effective, but doesn’t fill a dancing soul.
    Thankyou for that review, it made me a real bit more confident! ♥

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