Back in the Groove

4 thoughts on “Back in the Groove”

  1. “Doing these workshops, I remembered one of the things I love so much about dance class, proper dance class instead of videos. The whole world outside the studio disappears. There's nothing like focusing on the tiniest detail — the pointing of a foot, the precise way of lifting a hand — for wiping all the tedious everyday worries from my mind.”

    OH YES. I really miss class when I'm laid up.

    One of the things I missed most was the guidance. When you're working with a video or in front of the mirror, you're your only source of correction. In that situation, I sometimes put too much pressure on myself and get too self-critical. In a live class, you can just do the work, and trust that the teacher will help you get back on track if you need it.

    It feels great to be the student, especially since I became a teacher.

  2. I second what you (Nadira) said about how nice it is to be a student after you've become a teacher. I use my summers to study and it breathes new life into my dance and instruction.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. My day job is in teaching, and it has, indeed, massively increased the fun of being a student. I never realised how passive being a student, even an active student, is! How easy! But then there are also the pleasures of breakthroughs, of discoveries, which are frequent for the student.

    Generally when people complain about learning dance from videos, they worry about students not being critical enough. But I think you're right. We were in small groups in these workshops, and while both teachers gave gentle guidance and pointers, they were also encouraging. A video instructor can never really convincingly encourage me, because s/he can't see me!

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