Review of Dancing For Birth: Prenatal Dance and Birth Wisdom

2 thoughts on “Review of Dancing For Birth: Prenatal Dance and Birth Wisdom”

  1. Atisheh,
    Thank you for your review of Dancing For Birth™: Prenatal Dance and Birth Wisdom. As you mention, the moves are inspired by Bellydance, African Dance, Latin Dance and Caribbean Dance. At the heart of the DVD is my passion for helping women have great births, which has powered my groundbreaking work creating global Dancing For Birth™ classes, for which I was honored to be named USA’s National Birth Hero, 2011.

    The DVD teaches signature Dancing For Birth™ movements such as “Dilation Gyration”, “Birth Goddess” and “Down Baby Down” that are specifically designed to help women feel great during pregnancy, prepare physically and mentally for labor,learn how to give birth intuitively with ease, and encourage fetal rotation and descent. It presents essential birth wisdom based on my 12 years as a certified birth doula and a childbirth educator/speaker. Women using the DVD at home can learn many of the same invaluable techniques that hospitals and birth centers in the USA and around the world bring me in to teach to their doctors, midwives, nurses, doulas and childbirth educators.

    The segment entitled Birth Wisdom VS. Birth Myths debunks many common birth myths and includes demonstration of simple postural adjustments pregnant women can make to help their babies achieve optimal fetal positioning and avoid common fetal mal-positions that can lead to “back labor”, forceps delivery, or cesarean section. I am especially excited to teach in the DVD the position which I created and named “Powerful Woman” that enables women to easily open their pelvic outlet to approximately 20-30 centimeters (two or three times larger than the typical ten centimeters) during birth to create ample space for even large babies. Using these movements and birth wisdom I gave birth to my four children with natural, quick, un-medicated births. One of my babies (ten pounds plus) was born in slightly over an hour. Dancing For Birth™ participants consistently share how the DVD and the classes helped them diminish fear, build confidence and have great births!

    The DVD is endorsed by Pam England, author of “Birthing From Within”, Suzanne Arms, founder of “Birthing The Future”, Diana Paul, director of “Birth Day”, Simone Snyder of “Mothering Magazine”, Vicki Elson, director of “Laboring Under an Illusion”, Ann Grauer, DONA International director of education, and more…

    I hope that it will contribute to a positive pregnancy and birth experience for you too. Best wishes for continued joy in dance and for a beautiful birth to you and to your expectant readers as well!

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