Review: Rania’s Belly Abs

2 thoughts on “Review: Rania’s Belly Abs”

  1. Hi Irina

    What other videos make up the belly series? Is it the Too Hip or Hipper than Hip and Cardio Shimmy?

    Lately I've been doing a lot of exercise workouts and have begun wondering just how much belly dancing can really do to make you lose weight and reduce a protruding tummy. Three weeks with a beginner pilates video and then a few days with a wonderful ballet workout (which also includes a few pilates exercises towards the end) has actually begun to make visible differences to my horrible tummy. To the point where people will grudgingly admit — ok, it's not there. Or ok it's not showing. 🙂

    Does Belly Abs make a dramatic visible difference, you think?

  2. To be honest, Mala, I've never really thought that belly dancing could do all that much for weight. Think about it — if it did, wouldn't all professional belly dancers be really slim and toned? Some are, but I think they generally do a lot of other exercise too, sometimes even teach it. But it seems possible to do a lot of belly dancing without getting a flat tummy at all!

    Then again, it probably helps general fitness, stamina, muscle tone, all sorts of things like that. And I'm sure it does burn some fat if you do a lot of it.

    I definitely felt my abdominal muscles after doing Belly Abs, but I haven't really done it enough to tell if it makes a difference I can see!

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