Roundup: How (and why) to learn bellydance online for free – Updated

7 thoughts on “Roundup: How (and why) to learn bellydance online for free – Updated”

  1. I love Tiazza's toturials, they're very useful! I've also found more free online classes:
    – Online classes with Irina Akulenko: Here there are a lot of tutorials with the great bellydancer Irina Akulenko.
    – FInger cymbals with Anthea Kawakib: This youtube channel is very useful if your beginning to learn to play the finger cymbals
    – Tribal Style: I found this youtube channel with tribal style lesons but I haven't had time to revise them yet!

    I wish you find them interesting!

  2. I wish I could use online belly dance classes! My internet connection is so slow, learning from video clips is not really an option. I do like Mahin's tips, though

  3. Thea, Tiazza Rose also offers DVDs with her clips for $5 a pop, and I think she'll send them anywhere. (Not sure though!) That's not really free anymore, but it's certainly very cheap.

  4. Thank you very much, its a relief not to have to trawl through everything myself to find good videos! And I was especially needing the zills now.

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