I won the 2013 RAQStv essay contest with my entry, “Funny You Should Ask.” (Not my title, but hey, who’s complaining?)

And I came in second place in the 2013 IAMED essay contest with my contribution, “The Solo Surprise.”


“Atisheh’s detailed reviews are thoughtful and thorough. When you have worked hard to produce a useful instructional DVD, it is gratifying to have someone examine all aspects of it, from chaptering and menus to content and presentation. Having such a detailed and reputable review of your work is very helpful for promotion.” – Rosa Noreen, rosanoreen.com


“Atisheh gives it to you straight. What she likes. What she doesn’t like. What might work better for you.

She understands dance and fitness, and writes with a fun perspective.

If you’re looking for a DVD to buy, Atisheh’s reviews will help you find one that’s perfect.

If you’re a dancer or fitness expert creating your own DVD, I highly recommend studying every post. Learn what to do and what not to do before you release your baby into the world.” – Julie Eason, Belly Dance Business Academy


Thanks Atisheh for the fabulous review. I loved how it was a story about using my DVDs. I’m looking forward to seeing your other reviews!” – Carmine Guida, www.carmine.com


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